Knives Down, Bikes Up


London is currently experiencing a knife crime epidemic.

In response to this crisis, some of London’s youths have banded together to start the Knives Down, Bikes Up movement which is about breaking down barriers & creating a community of like-minded riders.

The death toll from knife violence is still rising rapidly. A growing number of children are becoming victims to knife violence with under 16’s most in danger whilst travelling home from school.

Knife violence in London is a problem that even the authorities are struggling to find an answer to. This community of riders is not claiming to be solving the issue, they’re just aiming to provide a sense of community for some of the youths who may be swayed by bad influences or violence.

This film was created as a part of Barbican’s ‘The Art Of Change’ film festival.

Director Matt Dempsey 

Cinematographer Charles Mori

Producer Kylie McDowell 

Production Company Masses Collective

Agency The Smalls


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